Hi I’m Courtney Raphael and I’m a writer and designer from Atlanta, GA. I grew up very curious, dabbling in every activity I could get my hands on. Soccer, dance, basketball, music, hiking, art, Colorguard...but at heart, I’ve always felt like creativity was my calling.

After graduating high school, I pursued art as my profession, receiving a BFA in Drawing, painting, and printmaking in 2016. But...Painting is not the easiest profession to pursue. Thankfully, one of my biggest passions is learning. I’m one of those people that If you throw something new at me, I don’t really care if I know how to do it or not. I’ll figure it out and have a great time doing it. I’ve learned a lot of things that way including:

Photoshop, Illustrator, motion graphics, videography, video editing, marketing, HTML, CSS, Javascript, copywriting, and much more to come.

Which leads me to my next pursuit, writing. I realized after my many years pursuing art that what I was really after...was storytelling. It brings me so much joy to find a way to write words that flow together perfectly. I want to tell your story. Check out my work on the "Writing" tab.

The website was create by Courtney Raphael in 2020.

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