Hi! I'm Courtney Raphael.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with over 3 years of experience in Web Design, Print Design, Illustration, and Video Production.

I started my journey as a fine artist, earning a BFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking in 2016. A fun fact from my days as a fine artist is that I often use to work with a printing press -- you know, the kind ye old designers and artists used to print before the invention of computers.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree and little prospect for obtaining a job as a painter, I turned to graphic design and writing. Because of my fascination with storytelling through digital art, I had taught myself Photoshop, and many other Adobe programs, so I was quickly able to adapt to my new environment as an in-house designer at Georgia Expo.

Not long after I started working as a designer, I learn many new skills while in the design field professionally. I became the video production artist to create all of Georgia Expo's YouTube content and ads. I also learned frontend design and development, creating landing pages and full static site designs for a few other clients. Not only does site design include visual design, which I am very passionate about, it also includes storytelling in the form of the design thinking process. I then went on to pursue my Certificate of UX/UI Design from Georgia Tech, which I completed in 2019.